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The Exeter Difference

We value our clients business. In return, our clients experience the value of achieving their financial goals and objectives

The real value of partnering with Exeter Financial is that you will increase the certainty of achieving your total wealth management goals. We’ve accomplished this for others and we’ll achieve this for you.

We built our team, process, and platform based on the specific and unique needs of our clients — entrepreneurs, executives and family offices. Our clients desire:

  • Independent advice and full transparency—not a “product push”.
  • Integrated advice—customized planning based on all aspects of their financial situation. Analyzing both sides of their balance sheet, cash flow, tax and estate related issues.
  • Institutional processes–investment policy statement, financial and estate plan, philanthropic and charitable giving plan.
  • Customized reporting—integrating all financial assets regardless of where they are held.
  • Teams of highly experienced professionals that understand their unique set of issues and experiences.

At Exeter, we feel there are four key ingredients that differentiate us in the marketplace and are the foundation of why our clients have selected us as their trusted advisor. We call it the 4P’s (People, Process, Platform and Personal Attention).


Our clients have a dedicated team of highly experienced wealth management professionals in the areas of financial planning, “traditional” investment management, alternative investment strategies, concentrated stock consulting and estate/succession planning. Given the breadth and depth of expertise at Exeter, our clients are assured of pro-active advice based on each client’s objectives.


Our team employs a disciplined and integrated planning process that enables us to work closely with our clients to assess their entire financial picture. Clients’ needs and objectivity are the foundation of our planning process.


Given our clients are wealthy entrepreneurs, executives and family offices, we created an independent “institutional” advice platform. Our platform not only provides “best of class” solutions in the traditional investment management area but also has a very expansive and comprehensive offering in the alternative investment area. We believe our background, expertise, focus and capabilities in alternative investment area is a significant differentiator in the marketplace and great value to our clients.

Personal Attention

As a result of our team working with a limited number of relationships, we can spend the time necessary to truly understand our clients’ goals and objectives as well as work closely with their other advisors (CPA, attorney, etc.). This approach allows us to provide the pro-active advice and service our clients expect.


Today there are a whole host of firms that use the “wealth management” tag line. At Exeter, we feel that the vast majority of these “wealth management” firms are not providing a truly comprehensive and integrated approach to helping clients achieve their objectives.
The wealth management marketplace is comprised of two main constituents:

1) National/Regional Brokerage firms and Banks – the model for most of these firms is “produce a product and push it out” through the firms distribution channel of thousands of brokers. The products available to the brokers and their clients are based upon the “approved list” by the firm and the approach is a “one size fits all.” The Bottom-line — product “push” with no appropriate customization.

2) Independent firms – most of these firms are smaller and owned by the principals of the firm. Many of these firms are specialists focusing in one area such as investment management, financial planning or insurance. These specialists may do a decent job in one area but the approach or solution for the client is not comprehensive or integrated. Even worse, you see these specialists trying to provide solutions in areas they don’t have the background and expertise. The Bottom-line — specialists that don’t or can’t structure a comprehensive, integrated plan.